Monday, June 08, 2009

Paper Craft Wednesday- 3d fairies

Welcome to Paper Craft Wednesday hosted by the lovely Kelli. Even though she is have a summer break from crafting I am carrying on and I hope you too.
Pop over and take a peek at her lovely blog and the other people who join in.

Today I am sharing some decoupage fairies , tricky to cut out and layer but they are so sweet , well worth the effort.

You cannot tell by pictures but the are all 3d and soo cute!

Dont forget to say hello before you.


Moomin said...

Hello Clare

We have a 'fairy' who comes to do the cleaning on Wednesdays! However, yes, the cards look good. I think I am up to date on buying now. love Moomin.

Madison said...
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Madison said...

Hey Clare!!
Those cards are so cute I love them!!! Aren't cards so fun! Have a great week!!

Love, Madison

BECKY said...

Hi Clare, I'm just poppin by to check in on you gal, since you haven't blogged lately. You doing ok? Thinking about you, and praying God's best for you, sweetie.

Love and hugs,