Monday, September 07, 2009

Childrens cards.

I have had great fun creating some childrens cards recently. Layered again! , you just have to be careful not to make them to thick with layers as the become expensive to post!

Please say hello before you leave I just love getting to know people in the bloggy world.


Hazel said...

Hi, I'm not a blogger but somehow came across your blog - so just thought I would say hello. The cards looks great!


Susanna said...

Hello :) I will be needing a boys '2' card soon.......

Barbara Jean said...

did you get a chance to come by and check out the 3 projects challenge??
It's up and running and in the second week.

so fun!!

barbara jean

Barbara Jean said...

Did you make it by to check out the 3 projects challenge??

Would be fun to have you join us!!!

barbara jean