Thursday, October 08, 2009

Vintage themed cards.

I think I am going to have a binge on vintage themed cards, below are two classic ladies. Simple but elegant.

I have used cream card and matching envelopes, green and blue ribbon, green and blue flower gems, green and blue and gold card for layering the lovely ladies.

Please say hello while you stop by. Love to get to know you fellow bloggers.


Moomin said...

Hallo Clare.. I need to order some more cards: 24 please about half male and half female. Thanks. Moomin xx

Hazel said...


I visited your blog a few weeks ago so just thought I would drop by again and look at some of your lovely cards!

I have recently got a blog, but still have a lot to learn about "blogging".


Clare said...

Hello Hazel I popped over to your blog, lots of great immformation. I have MS and several friends of mine have ME.

I am a blogger newbie and when I get stuck I ask hubby..

BECKY said...

Hi Clare!! Wow gal! These cards look like they're from the store! You sure do have a way with paper!!

Hope you're feeling as well as possible, and having a good week!

HUGS sweetie!

Hazel said...

Hello Clare,

Sorry to hear about the MS. As well as people with ME, I know quite a few with MS. It seems that the two illnesses have quite a lot in common. I've just found your De-Clare-ation blog so will have a read of that.


nancy said...

I do love your vintage ladies!! Just beautiful.

Little-friend-Susan said...

Very nice, and unusual too! :)