Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Apologies for neglecting my blog and my friends.

I do hope you all had a lovely Christmas time and a great new year. Happy belated New Year to you all. I just do not know where time went, but we all had a wonderful time.

I have made some new cards to keep up with the baby boom amongst family and friends.

Baby girl ones.

Baby Boy

Soo looking forward to seeing them when they enter this world.


BECKY said...

Verrry cute Clare!! I have never done a baby card, either! I'm working on some French inspired cards and some to enclose in a goody box for a special friend.

Always fun to see what you're up to, you crafty vertically challenged gal!! I can say that because I stand a TOWERING 5'2 1/2!!! :o)

Have a lovely evening!!
Love n hugs,

Susanna said...

Oooh, looking forward to recieving my 'baby' card. At least you know there will be no duplicate ones on my mantle piece!

Moomin said...

Hallo Clare!
I still have a few of your earlier baby cards but with so many weddings coming up I just know I will end up wanting more! Now tomake some golden roses for the wedding cake due 16th Jan.
Lovely to see you last week and hope you have many more good days. How is the snow affecting Dolly?

Clare said...

Dolly loves the snow , she just disappears in it , poor thing she has such dinky legs.
John atlast went back to school today, much to his disgust lol..
All this health and safety can sometimes be OTT.
Lovely seeing you all also.

Ann said...

They're lovely.

Linda Beeson said...

What adorable bears, every single card is so cute!