Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Foil technique used on cards and books.

A few months ago I was introduced to something called foil technique. I am a big fan of things being different and having texture.

You find something you want to cover - maybe a a notepad or a card. It makes great scrapbook pages.
PVA the surface, crumple up the tin foil (use extra thick).
Stretch foil over glued surface and flatten carefully.

You can use different shapes on book/card surface to give it some extra interest. Just be a little gentle easing tin foil over glued surface.
Allow to dry.
You can keep it as it is or cover it in paint, enamel, varnish etc.

The notepad below was covered in tin foil then topped in blue and white in different areas. I allowed paint to dry to a tacky feel and used a soft cloth to remove some of the paint, to expose tin foil and make different shades of colour.

The card below is covered in a rustic colour enamel to dull the shine of the tin foil.

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Moomin said...

I'm forever blowing bubbles.. well let's hope we're building a little bit more than bubbles... but it makes a good card though.