Monday, January 16, 2012

Material Brooches.

I go to a fortnightly craft club and we did material brooches with a pin-clip back. I had so much fun I have made quite a few.
I thought they might go well on my stall at the end of March.

A good friend of mine who makes brooches (one of her many creations) gave me ideas.

Here they are.


Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Nice brooches...I have never seen these before. You have talent (I repeat)

Naomi @ Upcycled Creatively said...

These look great Clare :) Thank you for doing a little link to my page too! x I keep missing your posts - can you do a email subscription on your blog so I can keep up to date? :)

ps- very exciting to read you have a stall in March - where's that? Hope it gores well. I have one on Feb 4th.