Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Paper craft Wednesday

Welcome to paper craft wednesday

Hosted by Kelli, many people come here and show off their works pop by and have a peek maybe even join in.

My theme today is wedding and engagement cards.


Lisa Cobler said...

Your cards are wonderful. I love the wedding cards!

Barbara Jean said...

That's a beautiful wedding card at the top.
Great job on all!!

Barbara Jean

Tami said...


Cute baby and wedding cards!

Have a great day!

BECKY said...

Love these cards, Clare...as usual!! Too cute!!

Hugs sweetie,

The dB family said...

Hi Clare,

Your cards are lovely! My mom just started doing 3D ones because she wants hers to be different from mine :0).

Are yours the punch out kind or the cut out kind. I was told that cutting them out is very therapeutic :0).

Love your creations!

Janice said...

Very pretty (and cute) wedding cards! What an honor it would be to receive one. Good job!

Shopgirl said...

Thank You for coming by....your cards are lovely, Please come by often. And I will return...Your blog is really sweet.
Hugs, Mary

Kelli said...

So sweet, Claire! I love the little bears!